The Pilgrim Paths

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Experience the beautiful Gudbrandsdalsleden

The Pilgrim Paths, or St. Olav Ways to Trondheim, is a network of routes used by the pilgrims on their pilgrimage to Nidaros Cathedral, the burial site of Olaf the Holy. 

In medieval times, Gudbrandsdalsleden was the main route to Nidaros. Follow in the footsteps of thousands of pilgrims who have trodden these paths before you, and draw inspiration from a rich and varied cultural landscape.

Gudbrandsdalsleden is a 643 km way-marked route, meandering through a beautiful, diverse scenery from Oslo to Trondheim. Explore stunning countryside to the west and south of Mjøsa, stay at historical farms in Gudbrandsdalen, walk across the mighty Dovrefjell plateau, and enjoy the tranquillity of lush Trøndelag

A pilgrimage does something to you as a human being. To walk from Oslo to Trondheim through local communities, villages and nature, is an experience of a lifetime.


Sleep well at Hamar’s Pilgrim Centre

Pilgrim Centre Hamar is a meeting point for pilgrims. The centre enjoys a beautiful location with views of Mjøsa and Domkirkeodden, which once formed part of the medieval town Hamarkaupangen. Welcome to a friendly chat or an overnight stay along Gudbrandsdalsleden.

4-day trip from Hamar to Lillehammer

With Hamar town centre as starting point, follow the pilgrim’s path along Mjøsa to Domkirkeodden. The medieval heritage museum is the country's largest of its kind, and offers guided tours throughout the summer season. Enjoy short informal talks and beautiful Gregorian song in the old cathedral. A guided tour of the medieval grounds and the herb garden is also recommended.

Map & Directions

The Pilgrim Paths

Type:Pilgrim walk

Storhamargata 125, 2315, Hamar

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